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Group History

R'nanah was founded in October of 1996 by a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, Jesse Rodin. It was Penn's first Jewish singing group, which came as quite a shock to people who knew about Penn's large and vibrant Jewish community. The idea was so new that people didn't even know what to call the group. Shemless? Shir Madness? The Api Chorus? Most of these names didn't go over too well...

After months of fierce deliberation, the group chose R'nanah, meaning "Joyful Song."

Now, while we are available for very occasional performances, we are best known for our CD, "Rhythms of Israel" which is ON SALE RIGHT HERE!




R'nanah is committed to exploring many genres of Jewish music.  A large portion of our repertoire consists of varying types of a cappella choral music, ranging from works by Salamone Rossi, an early 17th century composer, to pieces by Yehezkel Braun and Tzvi Avni, two contemporary Israeli composers.  We also perform pieces from the Sephardic tradition using a tof (Arab drum).  Finally, we perform a cappella arrangements of Israeli folk and pop songs.  Our repertoire currently consists of over 35 pieces from these varying genres.

    List of our current repertoire by genre:

Choral Repertoire


    Works by Yehezkel Braun (1922-present):
Shlosha Pirkei Halel:
           Psalm 111 
           Psalm 112
           Psalm 113
Mizmor L'David  from "Nigunim"
Tzena Ur'ena  from Shir Hashirim; Cantici Canticorum Caput III

    Works by Salamone Rossi (c.1570-c.1630):
Bar'chu for 3 voices 
Haleluyah for 4 voices 
Elohim Hashivenu  for 4 voices 
Kaddish  for 5 voices (performed by solo quintet)
Lamnatseach Al Hagitit Mizmor L'David for 5 voices (performed by solo quintet)

    Works by Tzvi Avni:
Mizmorei T'hilim
        Kol Ha'amim Tik'u Kaf 
        Y'feh Nof M'sos Kol Ha'aretz 
        Haleluyah Halelu El B'kodsho
Psalm 47
Psalm 48
Psalm 150

    Songs of the Sabbath:
L'cha Dodi arr. Yehezkel Braun 
Magen Avot Cantor Charles Osborne 
Shalom Aleichem Traditional, arr. Gil Aldema 

    Other Choral Pieces:
Arba Midot Ha'adam Andre Haydu 
Go Down, Moses Spiritual, arr. Robert Harris
Y'rushalayim Shel Zahav Naomi Shemer, arr. Gil Aldema

Hafle Vafeleh Y. Admon 
Hal'lu/Hodu Cantor Charles Osborne
Hilula Ethnix, arr. J. Rodin
Ozi V'zimrat Yah Yemenite War Chant
Keren Or Noa, arr. J. Rodin
Mi Zeh Y'Malel  arr. Josh Jacobson

A Cappella / Miscellaneous


Anim Z'mirot arr. Edelman
Chad Gadya
D'ror Yikra Medley arr. J. Rodin
El Eretz Tzvi arr.  Pizmon
Geographical Fugue Ernst Toch
Hora Israeli Folksong, arr. J. Rodin
The Irish Ballad  Tom Lehrer, arr. J. Rodin
King of Spain  Moxy Fruvous, arr. J. Rodin
Na'ar Hayiti Kol Achai
Mitachat Lashamaim David Broza, arr. J. Rodin
Sinner Man Spiritual, arr. The Weavers, adpt. J. Rodin 
Tzena  Israeli Folksong, arr. J. Rodin
Yihiyeh Tov  David Broza, arr. J. Rodin

Chanukah Songs


Chanukah Madrigal  Herbert Fromm
Chanukah Variations  arr. Josh Jacobson 
(Mi Zeh Y'malel)
see "Sephardic Melodies"
Maoz Tsur  Traditional
Maoz Tsur Benedetto Marcello